Cows on Button Moon is the eleventh episode of the Sixth Series


We're Off to Button Moon

We follow Mr Spoon

Button Moon

Button Moon

Button Moon


Narrator: There's Button Moon shining in the large blanket sky and there's the Spoon Family's Spaceship It's taking a trip to Button Moon Hello Tina Teaspoon Hello Mr. Spoon He's busy driving the Spaceship Hello Mrs. Spoon Mr. Spoon is going to press the round button to make the Spaceship land They've landed safely on Button Moon.

Rag Doll: (Heard Offscreen) Hello

Narrator: Ah the Spoon Family know that's Rag Doll shouting

Rag Doll: Ha Ha Ha Ha

Freddy Teddy: Ooh Heh Heh Oh hello everybody it's nice to see you all again

Rag Doll: Oh we're going camping together in Candlewick Fields

Narrator: Tina's asking her mum and dad if they can go camping Mrs. Spoon thinks its a very good idea all their camping things are still packed away inside the Spaceship

Freddy Teddy: Oh well we'll go on ahead and find somewhere to put the tent for the night

Rag Doll: Hmm see you later

Narrator: Mr. Spoon is going to fetch the tent and Tina wants to help

Rag Doll: Come on Freddy Teddy He's taking his time He's so slow Ha Ha

Freddy Teddy: Oh wait for me Rag Doll wait for me Ooh Ha I know what I'll do Ooh I'm gonna have a little rest here I'm gonna sit and er have one of the honey sandwiches from my duffel bag will then the duffel bag will be lightered and easier to carry

Rag Doll: Oh here's a lovely field for camping Freddy Teddy's taking his time I better go and help him carry that great big bag

Cow: Mooo Mooo

Freddy Teddy: Mmmm Oh that was the lovely honey sandwich Heh Heh Heh Yeah well I've got sticky paws now but it was worth it

Rag Doll: Oh come on Freddy Teddy I've found a lovely field for camping come on

Freddy Teddy: Well All right Rag Doll Rag Doll you've gone and left the gate open you must always close gates

Rag Doll: Ooh

Freddy Teddy: Oh and there's cows in that field if they were to get out The Farmer would be very cross with you and with me

Rag Doll: Oh Sorry I didn't know there were cows in the field

Freddy Teddy: Anyway I don't think we should up our tent in a cow field

Rag Doll: No

Freddy Teddy: Ha now we can put it up over there in Candlewick Field

Rag Doll: Hmm

Freddy Teddy: Yes and and don't forget to close that gate

Rag Doll: Oh thank you for reminding me Freddy Teddy Oh i've got to remember the country code Oh you stay in the field you cows

Cows: Mooo

Cows: Moooo

Rag Doll: Oh Freddy Teddy thanks for putting the tent

Narrator: Hmm Tina's very pleased to see Rag Doll and Freddy Teddy and they've put up their already

Freddy Teddy: Oh er shall we help you put your tent

Rag Doll: Hmm

Narrator: Mr. Spoon thinks that's very kind of them

Cow: Moo Moo (Sniffs) Moo Moo

Freddy Teddy: Heh Mr. Spoon's Forgotten to bring his mallet so I'm going to lend him ours then he'll be able to hammer in his tent pegs now um Did I put it? Yes I think I Must have put it inside my duffel bag Hmm

Cow: Moo

Freddy Teddy: Ugh

Cow: Moo

Freddy Teddy: No It's not inside my duffel bag I must have left it in the tent Oh I thought we were putting up the Spoon Family's tent next to ours and our tent's right over here Oh well must have been mistaken (sighs) Oh that's very odd hmm Oh well Rag Doll must have the mallet

Cow: Moooooo Moooo Moooo

Rag Doll: Oh I'm sorry Freddy Teddy I haven't notice I bought the mallet with me

Narrator: Tina's asking her mum of they can look through the telescope Mr. Spoon says he'll fetch it from the Spaceship

Cow: Moooooo Mooooo

Narrator: Cow is mooing on Button Moon

Cow: Moooooooooo

Narrator: Ha Ha Ha The cow has never seen a Spaceship before

Cow: Mooooooo

Narrator: She's having a look around

Cow: Moooo Moooo Mooo Moooo

Narrator: Mr. Spoon found it quite a walk back to the Spaceship

Cow: Mooooo

Narrator: The cow has seen Mr. Spoon

Cow: Mooo

Narrator: But Mr. Spoon hasn't seen the cow

Cow: Mooo

Narrator: Mr Spoon has got the telescope Huh he doesn't know he's being followed by a cow

Cow: Mooo

Narrator: Mrs. Spoon is thanking Freddy Teddy for putting up their tent

Freddy Teddy: Oh that's all right heh heh Rag Doll you're being a bit quiet

Rag Doll: I know I'm very tired

Freddy Teddy: oh well look Mr Spoon's here with his telescope Don't you want to look through it?

Rag Doll: Oh no not today I want to climb into my sleeping bag and drop right off to sleep good night everybody

Narrator: Mr. Spoon wants us all to look through the telescope and see what we can see At Number 13 Creep Street lives Brew the Witch and Thunder the Dragon Thunder the Dragon is getting ready for bed Thunder is in the bath it's too small and his tail hangs out he dosen't want to get his ears wet that's why he's wearing Brew's bath cap Oh he doesn't care if he looks silly Ha Thunder's certainly enjoying his bath Brew's coming up to stairs to see if Thunder's finished his bath

Brew: Tail

Narrator: Brew's asking Thunder whether he's washed his tail? No he hasn't